How To Get Rid of Cellulite Permanently

Before we dive into the details of saying good riddance to cellulite, why don’t we first talk about what cellulite is and how it occurs?

Cellulite is a disease that occurs in a large percentage of female but not in male. Though it can affect both sex, females have the tendency to have the types of fat and connective tissue needed for the disease growth. Cellulite has been found to be genetic, so a female is prone to have it if her mother has.
Cellulite which can also be called Adiposis Edematosa and may other names is a disease that occurs in the skin especially on the lower part of the body; buttocks and thigh. It gives a dimpled and lumpy effect to the skin. This cottage cheese skin has been observed to affect over 87% of women at one point or another in their lives.
Not all cellulites are visible to the eye, so we are going to talk about the levels of Cellulite;

Level 1: only a microscopic examination of the cells from the defected area can help to establish the fact that there is Cellulite in the cell.
Level 2: at this stage, the infected skin is beginning to show paleness, and is at a lower temperature and reduced elasticity and other changes which are visible under inspection by microscopes.
Level 3: the infection now has a very rough skin that makes the skin looks like an orange peel.
The causes of cellulite have not been well investigated but there are various theories used to explain this disease few of which are;
  1.       The most important of all the factors, diet.
  2.       The genetics of the infected person such as gender, rate of metabolism, race, etc.
  3.       Clothing that are tight elastic around the buttocks thereby cutting short the blood flow
  4.       Lifestyle factor
  5.       Hormonal factor
There have been several methods set up for the treatment of patients but they have not been proven to be true by any scientific findings.  Few of the recognized methods include;
·         Pneumatic massages
·         Heat therapy
·         Ultrasound
·         Radial wave frequency and many more.
Cellulite can also be removed by taking drugs that will act on the fatty tissues in the body. There is a very wide range of drugs that could be used for this purpose. As it is seen in the causes of Cellulite, diet, regular exercises, wearing tight-fitting clothes to work out and self-tanning out of many options can also be used to remove Cellulite.

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