How To Achieve weight Loss By Drinking Water

There might thousands of ideas and ways for you to lose weight but one idea that cannot be ignored is the fact that you should increase the amount of water you drink. It is so important that it beats the need for food every time. Maybe we should start talking about how water is naturally free of calorie, fat and cholesterol which makes it the healthiest beverage in the world. You might feel reluctant to drink water because it has no taste, you can squeeze lime into your glass of water to give it taste or you could make an equal mixture of water and your favorite drink. This will give you the taste you desire and some calories to burn.
Studies show that about 30-60% of US adults that are trying to lose weight increased their rate of water intake. Our kidneys will fail to function properly if there is no adequate water in the body. If the kidneys do not perform their intended function, they have to pass some of this work to the liver. The liver functions as an organ for metabolizing stored fat in the body into energy that is required, and since the liver has taken on some of the job to be done by the kidney, it would not function effectively in metabolizing fat thus more fat is stored in the body. In this post, we will be discussing how water can help you in weight loss and right ways for you to drink water so that you can reduce your weight.

  • ·         Intake of water before meals: according to claims by some set of people and experimental analysis, it has been shown that drinking water moment before a meal diminishes appetite. This study is true for older and middle-aged adults. It shows that drinking water prior to each meal may cause an increase in weight loss by 2kg. This test has not been able to conclude if the same result will be available for younger adults.

  • ·         Increased Metabolic Rate: it is proposed that when the body is dehydrated i.e. the quantity of water consumed is small. The rate of metabolism is slow thus the rate at which fat is lost is slow.

  • ·         Water maintains a proper muscle tone by helping the muscles keep their regular function of contracting and prevention of dehydration.

  • ·         Shrinking cells in humans are sustained by water helping it to fatten up the skin and gives it a clear, healthy look. This helps in people with sagging skin after they have gone through weight loss.

  • ·         Drinking water regularly helps in the removal of excess water. Since the body needs a lot of water, there has to be a large increase in the consumption of water but there might be problems with water retention. The excess salt in your body will require that you drink more water so as to be able to dilute it.  As you drink more water and the water forces it way down through the kidneys, the excess sodium is removed.

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