15 annoying things Nigerian girls should stop saying when men compliment them

A lot of Nigerian women find it hard to accept compliment, no matter how confident and comfortable they are with themselves. They will always find a way to ignore it.
There are some women who don’t know how to take a compliment if it was staring them in the face.
Some of these women have heard too many fake compliments that they don’t believe it anymore whether it’s true or not.
Women need to realize that just because it’s being used often as a pick up line by some men doesn’t mean it’s a lie.
Here are 15 things Nigerian girls say when you compliment them.
1. Like really?
women and compliment
Someone says, ‘You have nice legs’ and the best reply you can give is ‘like really’.
But why?
2. We thank the Lord.
women and compliment
Of course we will always thank God, just say thank you.
3. Stop telling me lies.
women and compliment
So someone cannot say your hair is fine again?
4. My head is swelling.
women and compliment
Hold the head well so it doesn’t burst and scatter all over the place.
5. Who are you deceiving?
women and compliment
Can’t you just accept a compliment?
6. Whatever!
women and compliment
Which one is whatever again? Just accept the compliment and feel good.
7. I know.
women and compliment
Stranger: Hello pretty, you have a nice figure.
Girl: I know.
8. Abeg, let’s hear word.
women and compliment
Which word, is it the word of God?
9. Ehen and so?
women and compliment
The next time you are complimented on your looks or whatever, you just say THANK YOU.
10. I hear it all the time.
women and compliment
You’ve earned somebody’s respect and admiration. What do you say to that?
11. If I hear.
women and compliment
Take a compliment at face value and appreciate the best of it.
12. Stop whining me jor.
women and compliment
If you think that you’re being modest by not accepting a compliment, think again.
13. Abeg, abeg, abeg
women and compliment
While there is a possibility from time to time that some people might just be lying, most people are genuine about giving compliment.
14. Washy wash
women and compliment
Accepting compliments tells the other person that you appreciate what they have to say about you.
15. Is that how you deceive your small girlfriends?
women and compliment
You’ve probably earned it, so enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

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