How to quickly study a poem or some important information for a good evaluation?


Probably in your life you’ve had occasions when you forgot something. This is especially familiar to pupils and students. “Because I taught it!” – they exclaim. “Why cannot I remember this now?” And adults often have such cases.

Probably the students are familiar with this situation: it is necessary to quickly study the poem or lecture custom essay bee  writing because there is still a little bit of time left for its surrender. And quite often in high school, it happens that you have to study some important material in one day or even at night.Of course, this technique does not allow you to study the verse at a break to a lesson, but it involves an accelerated memory.

What do you need for this? Some writing tips

  • To quickly study an info, read it aloud. Do it 2-3 times.
  • When reading, try to build associations, imagine the situation shown in the thesis writing. After that, you have something left in the head.
  • Now read the verse again, already slowly, trying to remember the words, that is, their form, time, etc.
  • Rewrite the verse to the paper, it will connect another type of memory. When rewriting, also speak aloud. Do not skip this step, it will allow you to study the verse more quickly.

In order to simplify memorization, you can split every single column of the poem a few more.Now proceed directly to the learning process. Study the verse only from the writing paper on which it was rewritten. Read the first step several times, repeat aloud, without looking at the letter. Then read the first and second steps together, repeat aloud. Then the first, second and third … And so on. Add each line on a line each time. But it’s not necessary to teach the verse completely in this way. You can start a new “cycle” after every 4-8 lines.

It often happens that some kind of place in the poem is not remembered, most often it happens just at the “junction” of the cycles. Writing essayon your hand or a cheat sheet with the word from which the cycle starts, the beginning of which you can not remember.

In a similar way, an untrained person can learn to the text page in one hour. But if the time does not push you back, start learning before bedtime for 2 days before the poem. Give him 20 minutes before bedtime this day and an hour before bedtime in the next. At night, a person is rethinking the learned, and the verse will bounce off the teeth.

There are two rules for remembering information:

  1. The law of a temporary layer. Information is stored in memory layers. There are many types of these layers, and one of them is a temporary layer. All information that is stored at about one time is stored next to it. Therefore, if you need to remember something, try to remember what you did on the day when you received the necessary information.
  2. The law of the thematic layer. Another layer of memory is thematic. All information on similar topics is stored in the brain next door. Therefore, trying to remember something, remember the close information on the subject. For example, if you’ve forgotten the name of a city, remember the names of several other cities.

So in order to remember some important information you need to convince yourself of its importance for you. Imagine what the benefits will bring to her remembering: faster promotion, victory in the quiz, etc. Then the information temporarily passes to the second group and will be remembered much more reliable. Do thesis writing that simplifies your memorization and will be like a hint.

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