How to Give Her Perfect Orgasm


You know how uncomfortable you feel when you are unable to give her orgasm. The mere thought that she is faking her orgasm makes you feel pathetic. And that’s just the beginning, as sooner or later you are going to start thinking that she may have some sugar on the side with someone who is able to please her. So, what’s the best way to prevent this paranoia? Right, learning tips to make her orgasm. But simple tips to make a girl orgasm might not be enough for you. You want to get sure that she won’t leave you for somebody else. Let’s think what is the perfect orgasm for a girl. Female orgasm differs from male, first of all, because women can have something that none of the men will ever experience, and that’s being the multiple orgasms. So, before googling “orgasmic tips for women” in hopes that you will become a better lover from looking at the situation from the other side, check out our tips on how to give her multiple orgasms.


Create Sexual Tension


Tension is crucial for any sexual activity, but creating amounts of it is what you need if you want to give her second orgasm right after the first one. So, keep the sexual tension all day long. Sexting over a dating chat may be a great help, as sending her cute dirty texts while she is at work or wherever she is without you will definitely turn her on. Touch her under the table when you are having dinner. By creating the sexual tension, you are paving the way to her unforgettable climax, as by the time you get to bed she will be extremely hungry for your body.


Give Her a Short Break


Give her a short break after she climaxes. After the orgasm, her clitoris is becoming extremely sensitive. But the break shouldn’t last longer than two minutes. During that break you can concentrate your attention on her breasts and butt. Whisper something romantic in your ear and then get back to penetration, which can give her an immediate orgasm.


Stimulate Her


If you want your girlfriend to experience multiple orgasms the best way is to stimulate her constantly while having sex. Anything will do from kisses and touches to romantic things and dirty talk. Try circling your finger over her clitoris while whispering something like “You were so hot”, “I need you again” in her ear.


Rev It Back


The blood that rushes to her genitals after orgasm lingers, which makes it easier for her to climax again. You can start with circling your finger or tongue over her clitoris before going in for harder stimulation. Don’t forget to slowly increase your pace, until she is ready to go again.


Try Other Zones


You can always stick with something that already works, but no one can prevent you from using her other erogenous zones. Stimulating erogenous zones releases dopamine, which increases the chances for her to orgasm again and faster. When doing so, opt for the doggy-style, as it is the most stimulating sexual position.



Now, after learning how to give her multiple orgasms, you can read that ‘orgasm tips for girls’ article, because learning woman’s point of view may be quite useful too. – Bethany Miller

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