M.I Abaga, An Advocate Against Domestic Violence Against Women, Agrees To Slap A Girl Child For N50m.



So Instagram entertainment platform, Kraks TV, shared a lovely photo (above) of a girl child which had an interesting caption, asking her followers if they’s slap the child for N50m.

While their followers went on about how they’d slap her and even her family, Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga, who’s a leading advocate against domestic violence on women, followed the train and said he’d even slap her soul.


Now the apparent question is, given the celebrity’s status against the pressing issue in the society, is it right for him to have joined in in the trend which was tricky or he should have used the opportunity to further press that no woman should be a victim of domestic violence?

Should he be overlooked or be condemned?! Is the question on everyone’s lips?

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